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Ppt on ozone

Ppt on ozone

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Ozone and the Ozone Hole. Heather Raven & Stefanie Spayd. Background. Magnitude of polar O3 loss depends on chlorine activation which is controlled by . 6 Apr  The ozone layer refers to a region of Earth's stratosphere that absorbs most of the Sun's UV radiation.  The ozone layer is mainly found in the lower portion of the stratosphere.  Ozone depletion describes two phenomena: a steady decline of about 4% per decade in the. 20 Sep Presentation on ozone depletion. 1. WHAT IS OZONE? 1. O3 2. A gas composed of three atoms of oxygen 3. Bluish gas that is harmful to.

EGEE – Energy Conservation. And Environmental Protection. Ozone and Environment. 2. Stratospheric Ozone. Layer Destruction. EGEE - Pisupati. 3. 31 Mar Mean Ozone Hole Size. 0. Area (millions of square kilometers. Some class time will be provided on Thursday for your groups to strategize on your GROUP's GC topic presentation. IMPORTANT GUIDELINES on the.

General mechanism; Sources of catalysts, including CFCs; CFC-induced ozone destruction; Relative contributions of different catalysts; The ozone hole. Ozone Depletion. Stratospheric ozone and its importance. J(Hans) van Leeuwen. – The hole story. Solar Spectrum. The Ultraviolet Spectrum. UV light: to. The Ozone Story Presentation. Ozone Secretariat. UNEP. STRATOSPHERE. TROPOSPHERE. km. 0. Ozone Partial Pressure ( b). The ozone layer is a layer of gas consisting of O3 molecules, called ozone, that forms Ozone gas can be created or destroyed by the sun's UltraViolet rays as. 5 Mar Ppt Ozone Layer Depletion - authorSTREAM Presentation. Contents: what is ozone layer Causes of depletion. effects of depletion. control.


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